Hi, I’m Alex! I’m a designer-developer and data journalist. My goal is to make news more fun — more engaging, clearer and easier to understand.

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I tend to focus on design, front-end development and data vis, but I can also report, write and make a mean mapo tofu!

About me

I’m a queer, Chinese American, East Coast native currently based in New York. My pronouns are he/him/his. I graduated from Northeastern University this year with a B.S. in Computer Science and Design, and now I’m working as a news assistant at the New York Times. I love typography, sustainability and anything that’s dairy-free.

Data, design, code and storytelling together form this intersection of tech and journalism that really inspires the work I aim to produce. There exists so much potential to lift up voices and communicate complex information in ways that traditional prose journalism alone cannot. I’m here to tap into that — I want to explore the way we exchange stories and ideas on the web.

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  • The New York Times

    News Assistant

    Freelance Data Reporter

    Track coronavirus clusters in U.S. colleges and nursing homes through outreach, fact-checking and investigative reporting. Acquire and update data from state and school/facility levels and identify new clusters as they emerge.

  • NU Co-Lab for Data Impact

    Research Assistant

    Designed and built Wordpress sites for the School of Journalism including an online magazine and the C+J Symposium website. Explored conceptual design and execution of interactive data journalism projects.

  • Upstatement

    Engineering Apprentice

    Collaborated with newsrooms including The Trace and Arnold Ventures to explore narrative approaches to data presentation. Worked in all steps of the design process from research to full-stack development involving D3.js and various APIs.

  • Two Six Labs

    Data Visualization Co-op

    Built visualization dashboard for a national cybersecurity program using D3.js. Worked as the sole front-end developer for a team of 10 data scientists, visualizing network traffic to aid analysis.

  • Scout Studio


    Developed onboarding experience from wireframes for media startup mobile app using Ionic. Worked with Northeastern venture accelerator to design annual impact report booklet and expand visual identity through marketing collateral.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Software Development Co-op

    Improved user experience of internal tools through UI/UX design and Kibana plugin development in AngularJS and React. Practiced agile software development.

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