Movie Ratings Data Visualization

Processing a dataset of 9,000 movies and their ratings by 700 participants. I parsed the data from multiple csv files in Java and excel and then created an initial draft using the Java Processing library to show rough trends in the data. I'm now moving on to adding functionality in viewing options and transitioning into using d3.js. The goal here is to identify patterns between number of ratings, popularity, and differences between these reviews and the official imdb reviews. Afterwards, I plan to scale the project to use an extended data set comprised of information pertaining to 27,000 movies.

Chronologically sorted on the x-axis with random y positions.
Chronologically sorted on the x-axis, color value increases based on movie ratings on a scale of 0-5 being lightest to darkest.
Chronologically sorted on the x-axis, radius of each movie circle corresponds to the number of reviews it received. This is the first draft and needs more work to organize the data more clearly but a trend is visible at this stage across all three views.
Displaying number of movies per year.
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